We are excited to announce that alongside with Artasy, we will be taking part in the Art Of Living exhibition in Singapore, at Marina Bay Sands Singapore from the 27th-30th of October! More than 30 artists and designers around the world will be showcasing their work there, so make sure you go have a look if you're in town that weekend! 
Follow us to know more about artists who are exhibiting their work with us!

Slant Vases - Kwan Tam

Slant Vases - Kwan Tam

Reversible Side - Kwan Tam

Reversible Side - Kwan Tam

Deshabille - Latitude 22N

Deshabille - Latitude 22N

Blackface - Chao Harn Kae

Blackface - Chao Harn Kae

Real - Chao Harn Kae

Real - Chao Harn Kae

Teacups - Amanda Tong

Teacups - Amanda Tong

Perfect Imbalance - Amanda Tong

Perfect Imbalance - Amanda Tong

Hong Kong New Ceramicists Exhibition 

28th of July - 13th of August.



開幕典禮:7月28日 晚上 6時至9時

Tung Yao Ceramics Studio is holding a two-week exhibition to celebrate local blooming ceramicists by gathering them together. We believe that creating a community for local ceramicists would help establish a better future for ceramics in Hong Kong. Therefore, we have invited a number of makers to join us, to share their knowledge and passion on ceramics.

Please come over and show them some love and support, and have some fun with us!

Opening Ceremony: 28 July 6-9pm

開幕典禮 Opening Ceremony



Chao Harn Kae 曹涵凱




CHAO Harn Kae was born in Malaysia. Graduated in Malaysia Institute of Art (Major in Fine Art) in 1997. He has resided and worked in Hong Kong since 2004.Chao has been participating in art exhibitions in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Macau. Chao shows great enthusiasm in sculpturing clay as a major media. He also does bronze sculptures and photography.

''His works reveal humanistic emotions. Through the delicate changes during his art creation, he releases his inmost feelings and emotions. He keeps his vision for his art creation to safeguard the essence and charm of his works while axing it clean; to hold its naivete and not to take away its vitality.''

Chao will be showcasing his artwork in the exhibition from the 28th July till 13th Aug.

Come over and show Chao some love and support!

Kwan Tam

生於香港。本為櫥窗設計師,2013年於上海開始學習陶藝,2016年到丹麥國際陶藝研究中心參與工作坊和藝術家駐場計劃,並於同年從上海搬回香港成立Kwan-T 工作室。


Kwan 將會在7月28-8月13日在展覽中展示他的作品。


Born in Hong Kong and was originally a window display designer, Kwan started to learn ceramics in Shanghai in 2013. In 2016, she joined a workshop and residency program at Guldagergaard, International Ceramic Research Center in Denmark. And at the same year, she moved back from Shanghai and setup Kwan-T studio in Hong Kong.

''She wants to strip off the unnecessary through abstraction, hoping the simplicity and purity of her works could bring a timeless beauty to the daily life.''

Kwan will be showcasing her artwork in the exhibition from the 28th July till 13th Aug.

Come over and show Kwan some love and support!

Karen Wong 黃愷琳



Karen 將會在7月28-8月13日在展覽中展示她的作品。


Karen Wong graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) majoring in Ceramics from the RMIT in 2017 and is currently studying a Master of Fine Art.

''Karen believes that art can heal and repair the spiritually depleted modern soul. Karen understands how uplifting a brush in hand, a splash of paint, pressing and squeezing clay is on the primary human senses.''

Karen will be showcasing her artwork in the exhibition from the 28th July till 13th Aug.

Come over and show Karen some love and support!


Wilson Leung



Wilson 將會在7月28-8月13日在展覽中展示他的作品。


Working as a jeweller for nearly 30 years has fulfilled Wilson’s love for the beauty and intrigue of natural stones. When he left the industry while pondering what he might embark upon in his career, serendipitously he took up ceramics in 2016.

''When in his natural affinity and connection with clay, he discovered a compelling yearning for the art that he had not known.''

Wilson will be showcasing his artworks at the exhibition from the 28th July till 13th Aug.

Come over and show Karen some love and support!

Amanda Tong

生於香港,13 歲時赴英國留學,並初次接觸陶藝。畢業於英國倫敦中央聖馬丁 藝術設計學院,主修陶瓷設計。她的作品曾於英國、美國、波蘭及香港展出。


Amanda 將會在7月28-8月13日在展覽中展示她的作品。


Born in Hong Kong and educated in the UK at the age of 13 when she first experienced the subject of ceramics. Amanda graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2014, studied BA Ceramic Design.

''As a ceramic designer-maker, she aspires to raise awareness of the artistic value in traditional craftsmanship through retelling forgotten stories and revisiting rituals within different cultures.''

Amanda will be showcasing her artwork in the exhibition from the 28th July till 13th Aug.

Come over and show Amanda some love and support!

Pat Chong 莊鈞婷



Pat 將會在7月28-8月13日在展覽中展示她的作品。


Chong Kwan Ting is a Hong Kong artist born in 1987, a graduate of MA Fine Arts from both Hong Kong Arts School, and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University.

''Pat’s work is inspired by her own memories and magic realism, capturing timeless moments of perfect quietness. Her work is mainly figurative, based on her childhood, love affairs, one of the reconciliation and her contradictory relationship with strangers.''

Pat will be showcasing her artwork in the exhibition from the 28th July till 13th Aug.

Come over and show Pat some love and support!


Mariane Chan 陳慧珊


「我喜歡利用泥漿並結合不同形態的釉重疊再燒成,創作出富質感的作品,而且每一件作品都 不盡相同。」

Mariane 將會在7月28-8月13日在展覽中展示她的作品。


A fashion stylist turned ceramicist. From being in the fashion industry for the past 10 years, Mariane was fascinated by the crafts behind ceramics and the limitless boundaries of creativity it brings, she decides to focus on this craft and creates unique pieces that merge aesthetics and functionality.

''I love working with terracotta as it gives me that raw texture about clay, and it’s what I emphasise on with the medium. Each and every piece is usually decorated by applying slip and layering with glazes for that extra roughness.''

Mariane will be showcasing her artwork in the exhibition from the 28th July till 13th Aug.

Come over and show Mariane some love and support!

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